Morning stars

Graz, 1685

Foto: UMJ/N.Lackner

In 1683, Vienna was besieged by the army of the Turkish Grand Vizier Kara Mustafa. The Styrian estates perceived a threat to the northern and eastern borders of Styria, and thus both well-armed enlisted mercenaries and peasant subjects were conscripted to protect the border. With little experience of battle, these men were equipped with morning stars: clubs covered in iron spikes fixed onto wooden poles. A long, square thrust blade is attached on the upper part, whereas at the other end of the round pole made of spruce for reinforced with two langets, a bottom spike is mounted. 185 morning stars are still preserved; they were all produced by the Graz wood turner Egid Rotter. The total length amounts to approximately 250 cm, the thrust blade is about 25 cm long.



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Styrian Armoury

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