Fire arms and accessories

With around 13,400 items, the collection of small arms and accessories is the most comprehensive in the armoury. It includes 3,867 guns and 4,259 pistols, all of which have a variety of lock systems. In addition, there are various types of accessories:

  • containers for powder and gunpowder
  • cartridge boxes
  • holsters
  • clamps
  • bullet moulds
  • musket forks
  • bayonets

Most of the small arms date back to the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries and were intended for use in military operations. The weapons were mainly acquired in Augsburg, Nürnberg, Suhl, Wiener Neustadt, Ferlach and from workshops in Styria.

A smaller part of the small arms collection was used for hunting as well as sport, and was once owned by members of the aristocracy.


Ferlach wheel-lock pistol, around 1640

Gunsmith Hans Schmidt (around 1600–1669) and (presumed) barrelsmith Thomas Hönigg (verifiably dated 1638/41)

In the mid-16th century, gunsmiths from the Netherlands settled in Ferlach, Carinthia, using their extensive technical knowledge to establish a prominent centre of weapon production. In 1638  more...

Harquebuses and muskets

Matchlock musket, Styria, c.1620

The harquebus is a firearm that is about a metre long and which could be used by the cavalry due to its weight and length.  more...

Wheel-lock pistols and holsters

1580s/1590s, South German

Wheel-lock pistols belonged to the equipment of both the heavy cavalry and the harquebusiers. Many of the pistols designed for higher officers are richly ornamented. The decoration on these weapons is not made from ivory, but instead of inlay formed from cattle bones.  more...

Powder horns, priming powder flasks and cartridge boxes

South German and Styria, 16/17th century

The large purchases of small arms arriving at the Landeszeughaus during the 16th century usually came with the requisite accessories: powder flasks, priming flasks and cartridge boxes.  more...


Graz, 1704/05

Als sich die robusten Steinschlossflinten in ganz Europa durchsetzten, wurde auch das Bajonett eingeführt.  more...

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