Heavy Metal. Arms and Armours

Hämeenlinna (Häme Castle), Finland, 22.4.–23.10.2016

From 22nd April until 23rd October 2016, more than 50 suits of armour (for foot soldiers and soldiers on horseback) as well as weapons (halberds, obstacles, swords, muskets) from the Landeszeughaus will be on display, including the suit of armour for a horse, the field armour belonging to Archduke Karl II, the large set of armour of  Kaspar zu Völs-Schenkenberg as well as an early suit of Maximilian armour which was produced by the armourer Hans Maystetter.

The objects from the Landeszeughause resemble those of the suits of armour which were also in use in Finland during the Thirty Years' War. Burg Häme, which dates back to the Middle Ages, provides an authentic setting for the exhibits and offers the chance to take a close look at armour from the 16th and 17th centuries.