Rosegger’s Dream and Reality


Curated by: Karlheinz Wirnsberger and Bianca Russ-Panhofer
Venue: Rosegger-Museum, Krieglach: „Studierhäusl“

About the exhibition

Styria today is Austria’s most heavily wooded province. Around the time that Rosegger was alive, the landscape looked entirely different, primarily in the Mürz Valley. The now-wooded slopes that reach into the valley were deforested at the turn of the century, the woods far receded.

The voracious hammer mills demanded nourishment in the form of charcoal. Peter Rosegger coined the term ‘Waldheimat’ (Forest Home), thereby giving a whole region a name that is still used today, and that is indispensable for tourism marketing purposes above all. The forest was and is home to animals and plants, and – in Rosegger’s day as well – offered protection and food to people, especially those from the agricultural labouring class.

What Rosegger was able to tell about these people and the forest, and what forests mean for us today – these are the themes addressed in the special exhibition wald.heimat.



Peter Rosegger Birthplace & Museum

Geburtshaus, Alpl 42, 8671 Alpl
& Museum, Roseggerstraße 44, 8670 Krieglach, Österreich
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Opening Hours
27. March 2021 to 31. October 2021 Tue-Sun, public holidays 10am - 5pm
01. November 2022 to 31. March 2022 closed.
01. April 2022 to 30. October 2022 Tue-Sun, public holidays 10am - 5pm
31. October 2022 to 31. March 2023 closed.


18th April 2022
6th June 2022
15th August 2022