State Rooms

The Bel Étage of Eggenberg Palace has remained almost unchanged since the 18th century. Furnished with original 17th and 18th century designs, furniture, tapestries and decorations, the circle of 24 state rooms is among the most significant ensembles in Austria. It is extremely rare to find fittings of comparable artistic quality that have been maintained in such perfect condition and in their original state as in Eggenberg Palace. The core of this concept is the splendid Planetary Room.

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The Planetary Room a star-studded spectacle
The highlight of the state rooms is the Planetary Room, which was completed in 1685 and which received its name from the cycle of paintings by the court artist Hans Adam Weissenkircher.
Ceiling Decorations a painted history of the world
The magnificent décor that survives to this day encompasses over 500 ceiling paintings in opulent stucco surrounds.
Interiors - Eggenberg Rococo
The State Rooms acquired their current decorative programme in the last phase of the building’s construction in the 18th century.
The Ôsaka Folding Screen - Discovery of a Japanese rarity at Schloss Eggenberg
From time to time, Japanese works of art are discovered in Europe that one can describe without exaggeration as sensational. One of these is a fascinating early 17th-century Japanese folding screen with scenes of Osaka.
Palace church
The largest architectural change that took place during the Rococo redecoration of Eggenberg Palace when the "Maria Schnee" Palace Church (Our Lady of the Snows) was incorporated into the west wing.