Park Regulations

Dogs, bicycles and automobiles are prohibited on the whole site.
Please make use of the provided pounds for bicycles and automobiles in front of the park.

Thank you for your understanding!

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Dear visitor,


We are happy to welcome you to the Austrian Sculpture Park! We are committed to your safety and the safety of every exhibited object, and we therefore kindly ask you to abide by the following park regulations:

§1 Applicability


These park regulations apply to all areas of the Austrian Sculpture Park: i.e. the Hill Garden (Berggarten), the Pheasant Garden (Fasanengarten) and the paths, as well as all of the external surfaces of the grass embankment (Rasenwall), the entrance areas and the parking spaces of the Austrian Sculpture Park (hereinafter “park area”).

§2 Austrian Sculpture Park – Use and preservation

(1)    The park area should be used in such a way that other visitors and neighbouring residents are not endangered or unreasonably harassed. In addition, sculptures, facilities, devices and buildings (such as benches, tables, dustbins, lights, drink dispensers, fences, WC facilities, pond and gate systems, the Info Pavilion and Bergcafé, etc.) should not be polluted, dirtied, sprayed with paint, glued with paper, foils or any other type of material, or otherwise damaged and partially or completely removed.


(2)    In the park area it is forbidden to:

  • (a)    Deposit waste or objects,
  • (b)    Dispose of waste, paper (newspaper, etc.), containers or packaging material outside of the provided receptacles,
  • (c)    Trespass on, climb on or touch the sculptures, or to use them for exercises or climbing. The sculptures by Eva & Adele, Matta Wagnest and Manfred Erjautz are however accessible,
  • (d)    Climb on buildings or any other devices (such as the bases, pedestals and fences of the sculptures) and climb on barriers or use them as a seat,
  • (e)    Carry weapons or any dangerous objects which could be used as such,
  • (f)     Set up or maintain campfires,
  • (g)    Use grilling or cooking devices,
  • (h)    Camp or ice skate,
  • (i)      Swim in bodies of water or enter them.


(3)    You are only allowed to remain in the park area during the opening hours indicated at the entrance.


(4)    Photography and filming are only allowed for private use. Any recordings to be used in commercial publications are only allowed with the prior written approval of the Universalmuseum Joanneum GmbH. All infringements will be reported to the police and prosecuted as offences against copyright law.


(5)    The Universalmuseum Joanneum GmbH reserves the right to photograph events. Visitors give their express consent that any recordings created by them or connected to the event may be used for company purposes without remuneration.

§3 Protection of the green and planted areas – Driving restrictions

(1)    Green and planted surfaces within the park area shall not be driven on or used for the parking of vehicles or any similar means of transport.


(2)    Any chemical, mechanical or other harmful actions towards plants of any kind (flowers, trees, bushes, etc.), and any damage to their natural habitat are forbidden. This also includes climbing on trees.

§4 Use of paths

(1)    Paths within the park area shall not be driven on by vehicles or used to park the same.


(2)    The interdictions expressed in para. (1) do not apply to the use of

  • (a)    Vehicles used for park maintenance and surveillance, or for
  • (b)    Vehicles used for the access of staff members, companies or exhibitors working within the facility, as long as they have the prior written consent of the Universalmuseum Joanneum GmbH. This written consent must accompany the person and be presented to the park staff.


(3)     For the vehicles defined in para. (2), a walking pace must be observed.

§5 Use of sports equipment

(1)    Ball games (except for those with small children), biking, sledding, cross-country skiing and the use of sports equipment with wheels (i.e. rollerblades, skateboards, etc.) are forbidden within the park area.

§6 Animal husbandry and feeding

(1)    Dogs and other animals may not be brought into the park area, with the exception of assistance dogs.


(2)    The feeding of resident animals (ducks, wild birds, pheasants, rabbits, etc.), especially with food such as stale bread or old baked goods, is strictly forbidden in the interest of the animals’ health.

§7 Children and responsible guardians

(1)    Parents are responsible for their children.


(2)    Children up to 14 years of age may only enter if accompanied by an adult guardian, and should be constantly supervised, especially near bodies of water and in the labyrinth area.


(3)    Attention: legal guardians and authorized supervisors are responsible for their children, or for the pupils entrusted to them.

§8 Park monitoring

(1)    The instructions of the staff must always be obeyed.

§9 Penal provisions

(1)      Those who violate the house rules or do not follow the instructions of the supervisory personnel or guided tours are not allowed to remain in the park area.


(2)      For damage caused by negligence, compensation will be charged to the perpetrator himself or the authorized guardian; for damage caused deliberately, an additional report will be made to the police.



Enter at your own risk!