Artistic protest, political protest?

Films and discussions

23.06.2017 20:00-21:00

Venue: Space04

Mainly in English

The event was CANCELLED because of organizational reasons

In the course of preparations for Koki Tanaka’s exhibition, one question came up repeatedly: What is the difference between political and artistic protest?


Time and again, it was suggested that Koki Tanaka’s new work dealing with the anti-nuclear movement should be connected to the current protest against the Mur power plant, a controversial hydroelectric station in Graz.


Why the artist did not like this idea, and what the difference could be between artistic and and political protest, are subjects that Heidrun Primas (Forum Stadtpark), Oliver Hangl (artist) and Meiya Cheng (freelance curator), among others, discuss with Koki Tanaka and Barbara Steiner. 


Within this context, we will be showing films and film excerpts that demonstrate different forms of political and artistic protest.  

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