Agents of Confusion!

An art and science symposium on dizziness as a creative resource

10.02.2017 10:00-19:00

In cooperation with the Institute of Differential Psychology, University of Graz and the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, Dizziness – A Resource (Austrian Science Fund – PEEK). Supported by the Styrian universities’ David Herzog Fund.  

Price: free of charge
Registration: no registration necessary
Venue: Space04


In English  

The one-day symposium titled Agents of Confusion! brings together artistic and cross-disciplinary research on dizziness, with speakers from the fields of philosophy, visual arts, creativity research and cultural studies in the form of screenings, artists’ talks, lectures and discussions.


The process of slipping into dizzying freefall, of sliding into uncertainty, becoming stuck, losing one’s way, giving up are as much actions as occurrences, both active and passive. Dizziness is a midway state at the point where everything and nothing seems possible, where certainty and uncertainty are in superposition, marked by an increasing loss of control. What potential for action is there here, in a system that is out of kilter? What does taking a step here mean? Or formulating a thought, daring to have an idea?





Ruth Anderwald + Leonhard Grond, artists, curators, artistic researchers, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna


Mathias Benedek, Institute for Psychology, University of Graz


Katrin Bucher Trantow, Chief Curator, Kunsthaus Graz


Davide Deriu, Reader, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, University of Westminster


Sergio Edelsztein, Director of CCA, Center for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv


Karoline Feyertag, Philosopher and Essayist, Vienna, Klagenfurt


Ruti Gadish, Visual Artist, Tel Aviv, Paris


Oliver Hangl, Performance Artist, Vienna


Gerald Koller, Risk and Inebriation Pedagogue,


Rebekka Ladewig, Chair of Theory of Media Worlds, Bauhaus University Weimar


Viktor Landström + Sebastian Wahlforss, Visual Artists, Malmø


Matti Mintz, Professor of Psychobiology, Department of Psychology, Tel Aviv University


Vivian Ostrovsky, Visual Artist, Tel Aviv, Paris, Miami


Oliver Ressler, Artistic Researcher and Visual Artist, Vienna


Ben Russell, Media Artist and Curator, Paris, Chicago


Franz Schautzer, Head of Vertigo Ambulance, Department of Neurology and Psychosomatic Medicine, Landeskrankenhaus Villach


Ariel Schlesinger, Visual Artist, Tel Aviv, Mexico City, Berlin


Viktoria Schmid, Visual Artist, Vienna


Michaela Schwentner, Visual Artist, Vienna


Esther Stocker, Visual Artist, Vienna


Catherine Yass, Visual Artist, London




> Download the detailed conference program as pdf here.

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