Talk and book presentation with Markus Wilfling, Werner Fenz, and Katrin Bucher Trantow

Markus Wilfling: zwischen dem Raum / between space / entre el espacio

17.04.2010 16:00

As part of the exhibition Catch Me! Grasping Speed, Markus Wilfling, Professor Werner Fenz and the curator of the exhibition discuss the Graz artist’s work in connection with the recently published, comprehensive publication on the subject, taking a look at his meticulous exploration of linguistic and phenomenological shifts in perception. Wilfling creates works about the nature of existence, whether in the widely familiar project of the clock tower shadow in 2003 (the image of which still reverberates in people’s minds) or his latest work at the Kunsthaus –Wo da ist, muss auch dort sein (If It’s There, It Must Be Elsewhere, Too), about contemporaneities in a globally networked world. 

Book presentation: Markus Wilfling: zwischen dem Raum / between space / entre el espacio. Weitra: Publication PN°1, Bibliothek der Provinz 2009.


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