A Wall For Maria

Dance performance

16.01.2016 17:00

Price: 10 €, with Kunsthaus admission ticket: 5 €

Location: Space04

Registration: veza.fernandez@gmail.com or 0699/112 722 06



Performance & concept: Veza Maria Fernandez Ramos und Christina Maria Lederhaas

Costumes: Edda Strobl and Karin Heide

Music: Jakob Rüdisser 

Veza Maria Fernandez Ramos and Christina Maria Lederhaas are two performers, dancers and communication researchers who focus on visualising thoughts, dialogues and their inner and external constraints in motion and language in their serial THINKING PIECES (since 2013). At times comical, at times sad, sometimes even intimate, but always in search of the conditions of an inner aesthetic, they explore themselves and the other person’s train of thought. Often enough they astonish their audience, when the latter find themselves in the role of actors.


For their current project at Kunsthaus Graz, the two artists are dealing with physical and emotional borders in particular and barriers in general and between them – the two Marias. In the organic space of the ground floor of Kunsthaus Graz, wearing costumes designed for them by Edda Strobl and Karin Heide, they find an interlocutor for this undertaking, one that pushes the dialogue further, exaggerated to the point of absurdity in their respective patterns and roles.


In this choreography they work on various topics, investigating both vehemently and fleet-footedly what can stand between two bodies and what can create distance between them, keep them apart and distinguish them. Instead of the established commonplace of asking about mutual connection, Fernandez Ramos and Lederhaas take the reverse approach:


What separates us? How is this distance expressed? What productive situations can arise from this non-connection? And what movements do our bodies develop as a result of this realisation?




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Christina Maria Lederhaas is a performer, choreographer and producer working at the interface of dance, theatre and everyday rituals. She has an active interest in the exchange of movement patterns, direct, awkward and embarrassing questions. Lives and works in and from Graz, born in 1978.


Veza Maria Fernandez Ramos is a performer, choreographer and dancer working at the interface of dance, theatre and text. She is actively interested in the exchange of text, movement and the possible and impossible relations between text and dance. Lives and works in Vienna and Graz, originally from León, and was born in 1986.


Both received last year’s Art Prize and this year’s Art Grant of Styria Province.


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