What is an Object?

Lecture by Marcus Steinweg

01.12.2011 19:00

In connection with the exhibition "Antje Majewski. The World of Gimel. How to Make Objects Talk"

The object is irreducible to the subject and its capacity for insight. In the object, the non-subjective flashes, the heterogeneous or the alien which defies its ultimate comprehension. Thus the Greek word antikeimenon can be interpreted as this opposition, as this thing which confines itself. The antikeimenon rebels against being reduced to a subject. It resists its homogenisation to just one subject’s perspective, which objectifies reality to the extent that by objectification it conceives of understanding – whether scientific or not – the “world”; whereby here “world” is the word given to the totality of objects.



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Marcus Steinweg 
The Berlin-based philosopher Marcus Steinweg (born 1971) has been active since 1996 with more than 250 lectures in Germany and abroad and a lively stream of publications. The Merve Verlag has published Bataille Maschine (with Thomas Hirschhorn, 2003), Subjektsingularitäten (2004), Behauptungsphilosophie (2006), Duras (with Rosemarie Trockel, 2008), Aporien der Liebe (2010) and MAPS (with Thomas Hirschhorn, 2011); Salon Verlag published Der Ozeanomat (2002) and Mutter (with Rosemarie Trockel, 2006). Other publications include Politik des Subjekts (2009, Diaphanes) and ABC der Schönheit (2011, Matthes & Seitz). Steinweg also exhibits his philosophical diagrams in galleries, most recently at The Modern Institute, Glasgow and BQ Gallery, Berlin.


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