Noël Akchoté

Medieval High Noon at the Graz Llullophone

07.10.2016 12:00-12:30

As part of ORF musikprotokoll at steirischer herbst.  

Price: admission free

Venue: Space05

In the last few decades, it has been tempting to think of the term “deconstructivist” when hearing Noël Akchoté playing the guitar, and yet the intensity of his performance has always been diametrically opposed to this notion. Instead, he would work away polishing the sounds and the structures with spirit and an intensity verging on the manic. In whatever context: originally close to jazz, then later more free improvisation, and even later without any conceivable limits.


Noël Akchoté’s guitars can take on Bruckner and Cage, Mozart and Feldman, Bach and Xenakis, and, in recent years, Josqin des Près, Guillaume de Machaut and Hildegard von Bingen. In the context of the Graz Llullophone, Noël Akchoté will therefore be paying homage to the music of around the 13th century and that of the 21st century in a short series of small lunchtime recitals in the Graz Kunsthaus.

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