Publication for Cat-Tree for the Arts

A Cat-Tree for the Arts is the name of the sculpture that provided low-threshold and free access to art in the foyer of the Kunsthaus Graz from 2019-2022.

Designed specifically for Kunsthaus Graz by artist and designer Oliver Klimpel, the Cat-Tree was reminiscent of utopian architectures of the 1920s and allowed exhibiting and presenting in the entrance area of the Kunsthaus: a vertical space inhabited by other artworks, objects, stories and installations. The publication documents the different strategies of the total of eleven exhibitions that worked with the unusual display and talks about avant-garde ideas and radical concepts that served as precursors for Oliver Klimpel's modernist-looking sculpture.

Published by Kunsthaus Graz 
German and English
ISBN: 978-3-903179-53-0 

112 pages

Price: 20 €

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The Cat-Tree for the Arts

The Cat-Tree for the Arts is the name of the new central sculpture in the foyer. Unlike a more...

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