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Event, Performance

Suspension Study for Trisha Brown

A dance performance by Jadi Carboni

01.10.-02.10.2022 Kunsthaus Graz, Needle, Dachterrasse

In homage to Trisha Brown's Brown's iconic "Roof Piece" from 1971, choreographer Jadi Carboni lets her interdisciplinary dance quintet on the roof of the Iron House relate to the city and its soundscape. more ...

Event, Discussion, Performance

Red Redemption: A Brute Marxist Class Analysis

Live Lecture Performance by Total Refusal (Susanna Flock, Adrian Jonas Haim, Robin Klengel, Leonhard Müllner) in cooperation with Jona Kleinklein

16.10.2021 18:30-21:00 Kunsthaus Graz, Space04

Within a pseudo-marxist city tour, the artist groupt Total Refusal analyses profit and surplus value, capital and accumulation in the mass medium of a video game. A crash course in Marxism using the backdrop of a mainstram video game.  more ...

Event, Performance

The Past is Present

A performance by Samson Ogiamien

11.07.2021 Kunsthaus Graz, Space01

The performance The Past is Present deals with a very current and critical topic: the origin and the demanded restitution of thousands of artefacts. more ...

Event, Performance

NOMONEY - Socialist Intervention Group is back!

A performance by Planetenparty Prinzip

10.07.2021 Kunsthaus Graz

Since 2014, it has been appearing wherever capitalism threatens to take over. And in 2021, it is again evident how urgently the SED is needed: Inequality, capitalism, unemployment, pandemic, brutalisation, loneliness, class struggle. more ...

Event, Performance

Performance Homework

A project by Michikazu Matsune

10.04.-31.08.2020 Kunsthaus Graz

The artist and choreographer Michikazu Matsune has curated an online exhibition that examines the effects of the "current Corona status" on one’s own environment: "Performance Homework". more ...

Event, Performance


A dance installation by Marta Navaridas

21.02.-23.02.2020 Kunsthaus Graz, Space04

In ONÍRICA, Marta Navaridas creates a physically intense and visually compelling play between three performers, in which emotional and physical states manifest themselves as live sketches. more ...

Event, Performance

Performance Now: „I don’t think I am trying to commit suicide“

31.05.-01.06.2019 Kunsthaus Graz

The programme of this project will deliberately move between different disciplines of art, presenting artists whose practice means they cannot be categorised entirely either as fine artists or performance artists. more ...

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