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About "Performance Now"

Performance and performativity are currently enjoying great popularity in the art world. This is not simply a resurgence of the artistic performance dating back to the 1960s and 70s, but rather a widening of the concept to include various different forms of performativity. Furthermore, 'performance' is today inextricably linked with economic contexts and illustrates an evaluation society that measures itself according to achievements and success, increasingly including art institutions in this mechanism.

The current programme at the Kunsthaus reflects the increasing interest in creating intersubjective situations for visitors through performative formats—whether this is achieved by performing, or by deliberately generating interpersonal encounters with various artistic methods. Due to its own performative architecture, the Kunsthaus Graz is ideally suited to these staged encounters. As a result, activities are not confined to the Space04 event room but can take place throughout the building.

Apart from its programmatic goals, the Performance Now series also appears within the context of the changing functions of the art institution, meeting the new curatorial challenges of bringing people together in a 'relational realm' (Nicolas Bourriaud) or 'social space' (Nina Möntmann). The performative programmes take advantage of the previously unused phases of exhibition changeover—which are themselves intrinsically states of transition and change.     


Anna Vasof, "Handmask"
Project, Performance

Performance Homework

A project by Michikazu Matsune

10.04.-31.08.2020   >  Kunsthaus Graz

The artist and choreographer Michikazu Matsune has curated an online exhibition that examines the effects of the "current Corona status" on one’s own environment: "Performance Homework". more...

Marta Navaridas: Onírica, 2020
Project, Performance


A dance installation by Marta Navaridas

21.02.-23.02.2020   >  Kunsthaus Graz, Space04

In ONÍRICA, Marta Navaridas creates a physically intense and visually compelling play between three performers, in which emotional and physical states manifest themselves as live sketches. more...

States of Being, Michikazu Matsune
Event, Performance

Performance Now: „I don’t think I am trying to commit suicide“

31.05.-01.06.2019   >  Kunsthaus Graz

The programme of this project will deliberately move between different disciplines of art, presenting artists whose practice means they cannot be categorised entirely either as fine artists or performance artists. more...

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