A cooperation of Kunsthaus Graz and Diagonale'22.


Our new basement cinema makes use of an in-between place. A thoroughfare is deliberately turned into an offspace and over the course of a year will show a series of short films that are all related to each other. This opens up cinematic dialogues of a special kind: a filmmaker chooses another short film in addition to their own work – whether these are stylistically, associatively or structurally related or diametrically different – the invitation is personal.

The only important thing is that the films complement each other from the perspective of the filmmakers, initiating a kind of reference system in the dialogue between the two. After four weeks, the invited filmmaker then invites the next film to join the film duet, which is followed by another film after a further four weeks. Over time, a long-term conversation builds up between the short films.  

For her installation on the topos of waiting in last year’s exhibition Bars von Atlantis (which was also part of the Diagonale), filmmaker Jennifer Mattes staged found, remembered and written material in a classic montage technique and was the first to use the basement as a place of transition open to definition. Since it was this that originally inspired us to continue, it was only logical that we should invite her to be the first filmmaker in our new Kellerkino series.



Maximilian Seegert, "Edge Effects", Videostill, 2022

Kellerkino: Maximilian Seegert presents Hannah Senoner

27.09.-23.10.2022   >  Kunsthaus Graz

Maximilian Seegert presents his film Edge Effects (2022) and invites Hannah Senoner and her work Als ich älter wurde (2022) as a dialogue partner. more...

Robert Bergmann, "Geister die mich, sprechen", 2020

Kellerkino: Robert Bergmann presents Maximilian Seegert

30.08.-25.09.2022   >  Kunsthaus Graz

Robert Bergmann presents his film Geister die mich, sprechen (2020) and invites the artist and filmmaker Maximilian Seegert and his work Edge Effects (2022) as a dialogue partner. more...

Julian Ernst, "Gargoyles", 2021
Exhibition, Film

Kellerkino: Julian Ernst presents Robert Bergmann

02.08.-28.08.2022   >  Kunsthaus Graz, Kellerkino, Untergeschoss

In response to the invitation, Robert Bergmann will present his short film "Geister die mich, sprechen", 2020 and thus continues the cinematic dialogue with Julian Ernsts' "Gargoyles", 2021. more...

Cosima Roth, "Annahmelose Aufnahme", 2016
Exhibition, Film

Kellerkino: Cosima Roth presents Julian Ernst

05.07.-01.08.2022   >  Kunsthaus Graz, Kellerkino, Untergeschoss

In response to the invitation, Julian Ernst will present his short film Gargoyles, 2021 and thus continues the cinematic dialogue with Cosima Roth’s Annahmelose Aufnahme, 2016. more...

Daphne von Schrader, "Träum was schönes!", Videostill, 2021
Exhibition, Film

Kellerkino: Daphne von Schrader presents Cosima Roth

07.06.-04.07.2022   >  Kunsthaus Graz, Kellerkino, Untergeschoss

In response to the invitation, Cosima Roth will present her short film "Annahmelose Aufnahme", 2016 and thus continues the cinematic dialogue with Daphne von Schrader’s "Träum was schönes!" (“Sweet Dreams!”), 2021 more...

Jennifer Mattes, Diagonale '20 Trailer, Videostill
Exhibition, Film

Kellerkino: Jennifer Mattes presents Michael Gülzow

15.03.-11.04.2022   >  Kunsthaus Graz

For the revival, Jennifer Mattes has reworked her film Bars von Atlantis (2020) and chosen filmmaker Michael Gülzow and his work Die ultimative Frage auf alle Antworten (The Ultimate Question to All Answers, 2019) as her dialogue partner. more...

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