Translocal: Museum as Toolbox


Opening: 27.09.2017


Opening Programme:

"Speed-Playing", afghan Buffet by the Panahi family and Improconcert with the Dürologen



Venue: Foyer Venue: Needle Venue: Innenhof Venue: Garderobe

About the exhibition

play! is an exhibition project by a group of young people at the Kunsthaus Graz. United by an interest in art and the desire to design an exhibition based on our own ideas, we came together last year to think about current themes with the curators and museum educators.


Art and negotiation  

Five works formed the starting-point and foundation for our reflections on the situation and scope of this museum site as a space for art and negotiation. We built on concepts such as identity, self–representation, migration and communication. Through play, which formed the basis of several works, these could be combined in a fundamental way with our experimental approach.


In play! we create places of encounter

Encounters between us, space, its rules, its possibilities and the existing artistic and institutional settings. So, for example, we use VIP´s Union by Haegue Yang and its private furniture lent by Graz residents as a Welcome Zone. Here the residency project by Marcin Polak in Bolzano and Candida Höfer´s striking architectural photographs examine the issue of real accessibility and the practical use of public space for everyone – beyond consumerism.



In collaboration with the Ludovico games library and game enthusiasts from all over the world, in Yang´s cosy, relaxed foyer, play will become a serious invitation to everyone to take a seat, immerse themselves, get to know each other and play together.




Participating artists: Oaza Collective, Marcin Polak, Aldo Giannotti, Lasnaidee, Luigi Coppola, Josef Bauer, Gerwald Rockenschaub, Candida Höfer, Giulio Paolini, Josef Dabernig, Robert Filliou and much more.  


Curated and activated by Lidia Cekic, Jasmin Edegger, Katharina Grabner, Ramona Haderer, Christina Hahn, Keyvan Paydar, Sarah Resch, Valerie Taus, Alexandra Trost, Monika Holzer-Kernbichler and Katrin Bucher Trantow.  

Conceived by the museum departments of the Museion Bozen, the Museum Sztuki, Lodz, the Kunsthaus Graz, the MSU Zagreb and the KUMU Tallinn – together with the youth groups concerned. As part of the EU Cooperation Project Museum as Toolbox – Networking Project 2015-2017.  

Play `Go`on the BIX-facade!


BIX project with Lab10 collective eG

Play `Go` (WeiQi, Baduk)  on the public facade of the Museum of Modern Arts (Kunsthaus) in Graz/Austria!
While having fun, you contribute to the genuine project Play4Privacy (P4P), combining elements of game, arts and technology. 27.9.–29.10.2017 more...

Accompanying programme

Thursday, 05.10., 5pm

New games table with Ludovico


Saturday, 30.09., 3pm - 5pm

Playworlds with Sarah Ulrych, Ludovico


Saturday, 07.10., 7pm - 9pm

Persian games evening with Keyvan Paydar


Saturday, 14.10., 3pm - 5pm

Kite-building, board and party games from Afghanistan with Gunda Bachan and Die Villa, in der wir wohnen


Saturday, 21.10., 3pm - 5pm

Games for children and young people in India with Pamir Harvey


Saturday, 28.10., 3pm - 5pm

History and stories of play: squares, dice, probabilities and legends with Arno Hofer

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