Cäcilia Brown

Eau de Vinci

11.07.-07.09.2014 10:00-17:00

Opening: 07/10/2014, 7pm
Curated by: Katia Huemer
Price: Eintritt frei

Cäcilia Brown’s (b. 1983 in Sens, France, lives in Vienna) installations and sculptures are rife with quotations, references and allusions. The works often consists of set pieces that – extracted from the public sphere and exposed to the artifice of the gallery – are recontextualized through Brown’s various artistic interventions. Not only does Brown’s work explore the topics inherent to the object per se and bring these into the exhibition space, it also turns the exhibition space itself into an object of investigation. 

Brown’s works have a temporary, immediate character that belies her choice of materials; concrete, wood, steel are often combined with found artifacts and collected parts that connect the personal with the public, exposing the human traces meant to “compensate for the absence of any trace of private life in the big city” (Walter Benjamin).


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