Architecture of Utopia

Project presentation of the Institute for Architectural Theory, Art and Cultural Sciences, Graz University of Technology


Opening: October 24, 2014, 7pm, Needle

In cooperation with the Institute for Architectural Theory, Art and Cultural Sciences, Graz University of Technology

Concept: Petra Eckhard, Daniel Gethmann, Ana Jeinic, Michael Hieslmair

Admission free!

Every architectural design contains a utopian aspect, in which it depicts the ideal model of a social-spatial form as yet not in existence. The utopian dimension of design has, however, been increasingly neglected since the 1970s.

In view of the global environmental and economic crises, a new demand has now arisen for utopian visions of alternative lifestyles: the imaginative potential of architecture is highly sought after in this process. The exhibition gathers independent designs of modern architectural, utopian thinking, finding the right setting for this in the biomorphic Kunsthaus Graz.


With works by:

Yan Ting Au, Alexandru Dan, Julian Gatterer, Anna J. Grill, Emilian Hinteregger, Maida Hodzic, Claudia M. Höhenberger, Maria Huber, Lukas B. Jakober, Gabriela Kammerhofer, Alwin Moser, Catherine Papst, Martina Strauß, Josef M. Tischler, Ching Kwong Wu, Jakob Zöbl


After the opening, a podium discussion is devoted to utopia in architecture, and to changes in utopian visions since the 1960s.

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