Werner Reiterer

Eye Sucks World


Opening: 02.03.2007, 7pm
Curated by: Peter Pakesch

Curatorial Assistance: Katia Schurl

Should art make us laugh? Styrian artist Werner Reiterer certainly challenges us to ponder on the sense and nonsenses of our world, but the noir humour and irreverent handling of reality in his approach mean that our first reaction is to laugh out loud. What we make of it afterwards is the long finish, as it were.


In addition to sculptural works, it is mainly drawings that serve as an outlet for the play of Reiterer’s thoughts. Many works from the "Gezeichnete Ausstellungen (Drawn exhibitions)" series, constantly expanded and complemented by the artist, were implemented in the form of installations and sculptures. Seemingly familiar as these sculptures are at first glance, they are very irritating on closer inspection. It is a strategy of the paradox Reiterer uses to deprive us of the implicitness, we need to understand reality.

It is very evident here that the artist takes pleasure in testing the recipients of his art, undermining expectations vis-à-vis pieces of art per se. A lapidary note, for instance, mounted on the wall of the exhibition room, invites visitors to roar as loud as they possibly can. Whoever succeeds in overcome his or her cultural education forbidding him or her to be loud in the public space, will be rewarded by a reaction from outside: the exhibition lighting in Space02 starts breathing, both visually and acoustically (Breath, 2006/07).


"I believe that art per se is actually always about to develop new rules as to how one may perceive the world", says Reiterer finding himself in the lucky position of someone capable of turning the world upside down and make new rules.


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