Hanspeter Hofmann

Bonheur automatique

19.01.-03.02.2008 10:00-18:00

Curated by: Christoph Doswald, Katia Schurl

Finissage: 01.02.2008, 7pm

Starting from existing graphics that the artist reworks with the assistance of a printing machine, information and images arising on a daily basis will be integrated and processed in a performative act. It is in effect a constantly unfolding performative act that not only illustrates how current events are rehashed and distorted in art but also discusses basic questions about the generic distribution of artistic output to printed graphics, painting, performances or installations.


The printed end-product is Hofmann’s starting point – and of course his end-product as well. He is quite happy to use recognisable items drawn from mass-media communications in his painting – typographical features, photographic images from the consumer goods industry or reproductions from scientific and medical handbooks. Yet he also likes to allow the machine to make a creative contribution in the form of serendipities arising in the production process. What would normally be classified as a printing defect is for Hofmann’s artistic purposes the starting point for something creative. This is eloquent of an empirical artistic attitude that has little regard for formal or academic traditions.


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