Dariusz Kowalski

Interrogation Room


Opening: 05.03.2009, 19:00 Uhr, Space02

In cooperation with the  Diagonale 2009.

In Interrogation Room, Dariusz Kowalski investigates the extent to which spaces, visual mindset and power structures correspond. The starting point for his work is the setting of a mirror room or interrogation room very familiar from psychiatry or criminology, which he looks at from three angles: as a model, as a walk-in installation and as implementation in the medium of film.


The various approaches analyse an ambivalent situation in the transition from observation to surveillance. At the same time, Kowalski investigates complex issues of mindset in the way people see architecture and film. The Interrogation Room also functions as a set for the film, and thus sets up a correspondence between the exhibition area and the cinema auditorium. For Diagonale 2009 there will also be a trailer, which will only be on show in the cinema.

In cooperation with the  Diagonale 2009.

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