Moving Parts

Forms of the Kinetic

09.10.2004-16.01.2005 Kunsthaus Graz

Art on the move – movement in art. From the 60s up to the present.
An exhibition investigating the forms of expression of kinetics and machines in contemporary art has been conceived together with Museum Tinguely, Basel. more ...


Living in Motion

Design and architecture for flexible dwelling

15.05.-15.08.2004 Kunsthaus Graz

Flexibility, mobility and multifunctionalism have always incited formal and technical innovations. more ...



Between the Cinematic and Theatralic

15.05.-19.09.2004 Kunsthaus Graz

Spread conceptually and stylistically from Oskar Schlemmer’s Triadic Ballet and Antonin Artaud’s Theatre of Cruelty through the Brechtian epic theater and Verfremdungseffect to Lars von Trier’s Dogville and Robert Lepage’s Geometry of Miracles, this exhibition traces the archaeology of a back stage and a location set in a thorough investigation of poetics and politics of artificiality and illusion. more ...


Sol LeWitt


28.02.-02.05.2004 Kunsthaus Graz

Sol LeWitt is an icon of contemporary art. In the sixties, with his spatial structures he contributed to sculpture in a way that changed the understanding of artistic work, and thus became one of the founders of both Minimal and Concept Art. more ...


Vera Lutter

Inside In

28.02.-02.05.2004 Kunsthaus Graz

Vera Lutter: Inside In" is the first museum exhibition of the artist’s photographic work to take place on such a large scale in Europe. It presents a vast overview: from the very early 1994 work depicting New York urban environments, to the unique explorations of industrial areas in the “Friedrichshafen” and “Frankfurt Airport” series more ...

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