Between tradition, discourse and technologies

15.11.2019-16.02.2020 Kunsthaus Graz

In the last few years, interest on the part of contemporary artists in crafting processes, in experimenting with material and techniques has grown noticeably. more ...



Where art might happen

The early years of CalArts

13.03.-07.06.2020 Kunsthaus Graz, Space02

Opening 12.03.2020, 7pm
An Exhibition of the Kestner Society, in collaboration with Freie Universität Berlin, Institute for Theater Studies and metaLAB(at) Harvard, Boston. more ...


Bill Fontana

Primal Energies and Sonic Projections (Graz)

13.03.-07.06.2020 Kunsthaus Graz, Space01

Opening 12.03.2020, 7pm
What does energy sound like? An immersive exhibition and an urban sound project draw attention to the inner connections between nature and culture. more ...


Jennifer Mattes

Atlantis Bars

20.03.-19.04.2020 Kunsthaus Graz, Foyer, Innenhof, Garderobe

Jennifer Mattes assembles found material from film, music and furnishings into fantastical hybrid figures of abandoned film sets. more ...


David Reumüller


30.04.-02.05.2020 Kunsthaus Graz, Space04

Opening: 29.04.2020, 7pm
Eine parasitäre Holzarchitektur wird beim „Klanglicht“ zur interaktiven Installation, in der der eigene Schatten ein fragiles Eigenleben entwickelt. more ...


Herbert Brandl

Ultra Hybrid

03.07.-18.10.2020 Kunsthaus Graz, Space01, Space02

Opening 02.07.2020, 7pm
The show connects Herbert Brandl's paintings and sculptures, oscillating between abstraction and figuration, with his collections of minerals, Japanese knives, carpets and works by other artists.  more ...


Body and Territory

13.11.2020-14.03.2021 Kunsthaus Graz, Space01, Space02

Opening 12.11.2020, 7pm
The exhibition deals with the notions of the artistic process, body and identity in Austrian art from the 1960s until today. more ...

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