Christiane Peschek

First Kiss, 2022

Photo: Kunsthaus Graz/A. Trost

What did you smell when you were kissed for the first time? The artist Christiane Peschek remembers the scent of pine and Nivea cream – her personal First Kiss bubbles up from her multi-sensory installation Fountain in the Kunsthaus foyer as part of the exhibition Faking the Real. She has also bottled it as an olfactory souvenir to go. Perhaps its scent will awaken youthful romantic feelings in you, too…

Christiane Peschek, First Kiss, 2022
Perfume, glass bottle
Price: € 104
Edition of 30

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Christiane Peschek, The Girls Club – Etna, 2019

Faking the Real

The Art of Enticement

22.09.2022-08.01.2023   >  Kunsthaus Graz, Space02, Foyer

Around the explosive term Fake, the exhibition at Kunsthaus Graz traces the development of the interfaces between graphic design and art since 1971, reflecting both political upheavals and technological developments. more...

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