Alois Neuhold

Die Pinseltänzerin, 2018

In Alois Neuholds work, everything seems to be vividly alive.
Detailed forms and intensive colors bring his imagery to life. An experience of sacredness arises through the sensual overload. The works convey an idea of a pictorial liturgy, which celebrates its existence through a materialization of light in color. He develops the picture with shining and unmixed color and patiently paints layer after layer of unmixed acrylic over found objects and allows the picture to grow organically. His sense of ritualistic repetition requires him to adhere to strict discipline while painting, which is not surprising in view of the existing series of pictures, on which he often worked on voluntarily for years:

‘I have to force myself. One has to stick with it. Reduce and tighten. There is something spiritual about it’.
Alois Neuhold in a conversation with Katrin Bucher Trantow and Johannes Rauchenberger, 02.01.2018.

The abstractly repeated theme, the constant deepening of detail, tracing and patient development, also has something sacrificial, something ritualistic and humble about it, which can be recognized as a sign of Neuholds religious background. In search of universal spiritual statements, his serial work is influenced by art brut, handicraft and folk art. Dozens of small, often physically condensed pictures of this kind were included in the exhibition Love Faith Hope and gave rise to the idea of creating an edition for the Kunsthaus Graz specifically. Simple studio material form the skeleton for seven seductive figurines of amiable brush dancers.

“…by his craftsmanship he constructs a material object which is also an object of knowledge.”
Claude Lévi-Strauss about the artist as scientist, see: Claude Lévi-Strauss, The Savage Mind, 1966, p. 22

Edition of 7 figures, sold in a dark grey box
Measurements: 16 x 9,5 x 3 cm
Technique: Found object, dried brush, glass jar cover of pickles, acrylic
Prize: 420 €



Alois Neuhold was born in Eggersdorf next to Graz in 1951. He studied theology from 1970-76 in Graz, was ordained as a priest in 1977 and suspended in 1978. Until 1982 he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna/graphics department under Max Melcher. During that time, he joined the generation of the New Painting in Austria and his work was exhibited throughout Europe. After a biographical crisis, Neuhold retreated from the art public in 1995.  
(From the Monograph: Alois Neuhold, You must tear out your eyes and lay your hands on the ear stairs, Berlin 2013)


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