The editions are developed on the occasion of the exhibitions and projects at the Kunsthaus Graz


Future Perfect, 2023

For the exhibition Body and Territory, the work Future Perfect was created. It consists of five ceramic buggies and six casts of compact buggies made out of baked, glazed and partially painted stoneware, as well as a Eizellenautomaten (Egg Cell Machine) suggesting an artificial reproduction in the future that is detached from the body.  more...

Jochen Traar

Labil Heute Denk an Morgen, 1996/2022

Humour and (self-)irony are not essential per se for producing social- and media-critical art – but negotiating aesthetic, media and socio-cultural ideas with an artistic tongue-in-cheek wit  more...

Beni Bischof

Bird, 2022

For his artistic image montages Beni Bischof uses the full range of image optimisation tools, appropriating and shifting levels of meaning with enthusiasm and a wonderfully biting wit. Very  more...

Bernhard Wolf


MAMA IKEA NATO. Three words that evoke different associations in each of us. Bernhard Wolf’s wall installations, often large-scale and usually in public space, enter into an – albeit  more...

Christiane Peschek

First Kiss, 2022

What did you smell when you were kissed for the first time? The artist Christiane Peschek remembers the scent of pine and Nivea cream – her personal First Kiss bubbles up from her  more...

Herbert Brandl


As an echo of Herbert Brandl's solo exhibition MORGEN at the Kunsthaus Graz, the painter has created a special series:  The covers of a total of 45 of the photo books created for the  more...

Aldo Giannotti

Viral, 2020

Aldo Giannotti's Viral is a graphic reflection on the time of the lockdown in spring 2020. Originally published as regular Instagram posts, Giannotti comments on both political action and  more...

Peter Kogler

Connected, 2019

Prior to the exhibition Connected. Peter Kogler with... the austrian media artist created a double-intervention in the context of the festival Klanglicht 2019. The scarfs in his design  more...

Johann Lurf

Cavalcade, 2019

The artist of this years Diagonale trailer created a poster, which will be available during the runtime of his exhibition Earth Series with Laura Wagner. Poster, 40x24,5 cm 4 colors,  more...

Kerstin Flake


Was 2018 a good or a bad year for you? Or perhaps a balance somewhere between the two? Kerstin Flake’s annual edition gets to the heart of this ambiguity with Good Year / Bad Year.  more...

Alois Neuhold

Die Pinseltänzerin, 2018

Dozens of small, often physically condensed pictures of this kind were included in the exhibition Love Faith Hope and gave rise to the idea of creating an edition for the Kunsthaus Graz specifically. Simple studio material form the skeleton for seven seductive figurines of amiable brush dancers.  more...

Iris Andraschek

For the Kunsthaus Shop, Andraschek now also makes Sapun Ghar available for purchase. By selling the soap, she not only honours a centuries-old tradition but also recognises survival in precarious conditions.  more...

Hannes Priesch

Conveniently packaged in a bag for collectors, the edition includes a signed work by the artist, his catalogue for browsing through, the documentation of the activity and staging in situ and 11 poems by Paul Klee, Else Lasker-Schüler and Karl Kraus, among others.  more...

Michael Kos

Glaube * Liebe * Hoffnung from: Edition Trinity, 2012. Hand-forged boules from the La Boule Bleue workshop, Marseille. Production: 20 items. Price: 550 €  more...

Erwin Wurm, Wurscht

Wurscht, 2017 Silicone, chip, paint silicone, ca. 10.5 × 5 × 2.5 cm Edition of 100 Created on the occasion of the exhibition Erwin Wurm. Football-sized lump of clay on light blue car  more...

Friendly Honey

The Edible Edition

Sarah Bildstein, who was responsible for the artistic design of the Bien, designed the labels of the Friendly Honey, which makes every single jar a unique item. She assigned each a colour  more...

The Sausage Voice

Produced by MadeIn Company

The exhibition Corporate. Xu Zhen (Produced by MadeIn Company) is accompanied by an edition: The Sausage Voice, 2015 Toy: textile, mixed media 48 x 15 x 15 cm Edition 20 Price 1.200  more...

Katharina Grosse. "Who, I? Whom, you?"

A portable catalogue

The exhibition Katharina Grosse. "Who, I? Whom, you?" is accompanied by a portable catalogue: a silk work with a collage by Katharina Grosse and texts by Adam Budak and Katrin Bucher  more...

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