Coming out of the future


Height 176 cm 161 cm

Bust 101 cm 86 cm

Waist 81 cm 68 cm

Hips 96 cm 96 cm

Under the title "Wherever we are is museum", the Berlin artist couple Eva & Adele has been present at all important art events. Since they are dressed in garish fancy dresses, their appearance - ostensibly transgressing any convention - always challenges identity. By their device "Wherever we are is museum", they blur all borders between art and life. The artists are the living proof of how art and life can mix, they are masters in the art of living and also a living work of art. 

Eva and her partner Adele, a couple both in work and life, have cooperated exclusively with each other for more than ten years. With their eccentric styling - they are always dressed identically, have the same make-up and bald head - they have turned into their own trademark. Wherever the duo performs, their heart-shaped logo appears. Their first major performance - both were dressed in wedding gowns - took place in 1991 on the occasion of the "Metropolis" exhibition at the Martin-Gropius building in Berlin. The artists are active in the fields of performance, happening, photography, video installation and watercolor painting. The artist couple uses a strategy going well beyond the art concept which we are used to, and which is interwoven in more than one respect with the artistic challenges of the 90ies. Gender debates about role models, the body and physical identity are touched, as well as the complex connection between public appearances in the art context and in "normal" life. Their appearance is a personal conglomerate of elements we all know, even if we have neither experienced nor seen them before in their almost provocative perfection and disarmed and unprotected exposure. 

The first exhibition in the Hanover Sprengel Museum in 1997 and their step into the institutional art space aimed at an extension of their field of communication and of their artistic work. From this transfer, Eva & Adele took with them the codes, the methods and strategies of their public forms of presentation into the traditional museum media, such as painting, video and installation art. EVA & ADELE participated in 1992, 1997 and 2002 in documenta, Kassel, and from 1993 to 2003 in the Venice Biennale. In 2003, their "Watermusic" project was realized in the framework of "steirischer herbst".