Gunter Damisch

1958 (Steyr) - 2016 (Vienna)

After graduating from high school, Gunter Damisch decided to study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. There, he learned from 1977 onwards under Prof. Max Melcher and Prof. Arnulf Rainer. He graduated in 1983 with a diploma in graphic arts.

At the beginning of his artistic career, he dealt with graphic techniques and sculptures and used strong colours in the style of pointillism and Art Nouveau (Jugendstil). Beside the artists Hubert Scheibl, Herbert Brandl and Siegfried Anzinger, Gunter Damisch also participated in the young artist group of the 'Neue Wilden' (New Wild Ones) in the 1980s. In addition, he also devoted himself to music. With his band 'Molto Brutto', he worked with experimental projects, recordings and tours as well as experimental films.

In 1992, Damisch was a visiting professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, where he taught the master class for graphic arts, and five years later, he received a full professorship at this institution. From his first solo exhibition at the Vienna Galerie Ariadne in 1982, his artistic reputation increased on a national and international level.