Who Are You, Styria? A project on collection objects and their stories

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25.04.2024 - 07.01.2025


24.04.2024 6pm

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24.04.2024 11am - 12pm

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Folk Life Museum, Stöckelsaal


Alexandra Riewe

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With the question ‘Who Are You, Styria?’ museum and collection staff were invited to submit stories around objects that tell of people and their relationships with museum objects. They reveal the meaning of preserved pieces for the living environment of Styria. The histories of companies, stories about objects belonging to local characters, stories of migration, of relationships from religious life, items bearing witness to our varied natural landscape and to the impact of man’s intervention, archaeological finds, works of art, objects from daily life and leisure, technical objects, and finally, things from what is probably the darkest chapter of the 20th century, too, from the National Socialist era, all these were submitted to and examined by a jury.


50 of the object-related stories selected by the jury will be shown with detailed descriptions as part of the Folk Life Museum exhibition and presented to the public.