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Schloss Eggenberg

Sunt coelo digni – they are worthy of heaven.

(Motto of the representation of the zodiac sign Pisces in the Planetary Hall)


The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Schloss Eggenberg is the most important palace complex in Styria. The concept of the Planet Garden is based on the same allegorical thinking that underlies the Planet Hall and the entire palace. The fascinating architectural cosmos provides the ideal setting for the newly staged collection of the Old Gallery, the Coin Cabinet, the Archaeology Museum and for your event!

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Eggenberg Palace is one of the most important palace complexes in Styria. It was built in 1625 by Pietro de Pomis for Prince Hans Ulrich von Eggenberg (1568 - 16349). The complex was  more...

Herrschaftsgartl with a Pavillon

The park of Eggenberg Palace with its picturesque scenery still shows of a park poetry, which has been preserved only in a few places in Austria as original as it was thought in the 19th  more...

Planet Garden

The Planet Garden is a separate fenced area in the park of the castle and is located northwest behind the castle on the outer castle wall. It was redesigned according to plans by Helga Marie  more...

Castle Church

The chateau church was originally completely frescoed, but in its current state only the frescoed ceiling is preserved. The castle church does not have its own pews - it is empty and has two  more...

Archaeology Museum

Worldwide unique finds such as the cult chariot of Strettweg or the mask of Kleinklein encourage to get to the bottom of past life worlds. A museum that gets under your skin!  more...

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