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The Romans on Schöckl Mountain

23.07.-31.10.2020 19:00

In cooperation with the Institute for Antiquity at Graz University


Archaelogy Museum, Schloss Eggenberg, Eggenberger Allee 90, 8020 Graz


Curated by Manfred Lehner, Daniel Modl, Karl Peitler and Robert Pritz
Press tour: to be announced
Duration: 23.07.–31.10.2020


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About the exhibition

Since 2015 the Institute for Archaeology at Graz University has been researching the Roman excavation site on Schöckl Mountain in Styria. Above all, findings from digs carried out in the summer of 2017 and the spring of 2018 confirm the existence of an extensive, elevated holy place on and around the eastern summit. It consists of a cult building constructed at a pre-historic burnt offering site from the 2nd and 3rd century A.D., and several minor consecration places. From one of them come unique and remarkable finds – black glass bangles, hundreds of colourful glass beads, coins, lead votives, iron rings and small figures from the 3rd and 4th century – which are presented for the first time in the context of a special exhibition. The exhibition is shown in two parts: the coins are presented in the special exhibition room of the coin cabinet, while the other findings are shown in that of the Archaeology Museum.


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Antoninus III. (Caracalla) (212–217 AD),
Antoninus III. (Caracalla) (212–217 AD),

Tetradrachme, 215–217 AD, Emesa, Syria, front, Photo: Universalmuseum Joanneum

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