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Who’s Next?

03.03.2019, Natural History Museum

Curated by: Michael Pinter


The Natural History Museum and the protection of species: a connection which, from 2018 onwards as part of the Citizen Science Projects, will be acted upon more outwardly than was previously the case. Every March 3rd – World Wildlife Day – the Natural History Museum jointly with its partners will focus on one threatened species. It shows how a creature ends up on the Red List of endangered species, and takes steps in the right direction. Not only in far-off lands do species leave the Red List on the wrong side; here at home, this happens, too.

For 2019, the nature education team, jointly with scientists from the Department of Nature Studies, have chosen as their group wild bees in Austria. Let’s all support these species, providing them with a habitat! Let’s together move in the right direction, for every single one of us can make a contribution! Anyone who can provide a fitting place will receive a suitable ‘insect hotel’ as well as information on the animal and its habitat. The first 100 participants are guaranteed a place.


Climate Change and Styria

12.12.2019, Natural History Museum

Curated by: Michael Pinter and Markus Rieser


Its consequences can already be felt and are uncontested in the scientific literature – we’re talking about climate change. The Natural History Museum will pick up the theme as part of the ‘Location Nature’ series. In collaboration with experts from important research institutions, the City of Graz and the Province of Styria, this global development will be examined with particular focus on implications for Graz and Styria. The Natural History Museum will thus become a place of information, exchange of ideas, and enlightenment. Questions from the wider public will be answered here, too. What can we expect in future, and what opportunities will arise if we act in time?




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Climate Change and Styria, 2017,
Climate Change and Styria, 2017,

photo: Universalmuseum Joanneum/N. Knopp

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