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My portraIt and YOU

An Exhibition for Young People


Curated by: Barbara Kaiser

Press tour: 26.04.2018, 11 am
Opening: 26.04.2018, 7 pm
Duration: 27.04.–31.10.2018

Info exhibition: +43-316/8017-9560 
Info press: +43-316/8017-9213 or DDI -9211

About the exhibtion

Since early times we have taken pleasure in our own image; in the image we remember our loves, in it we show others just how unique we are. Every portrait is a special dialogue between the subject depicted and those viewing it. But do we see ourselves in a true light? This exhibition sets out to make the portraits of past centuries more accessible to young people and those accompanying them, stimulating visitors to design, depict and participate in role play. What masks can we wear in doing this? Clothes maketh the man, as they say, yet they also lend a face to features. What do strength, courage or friendship actually look like? We tell here of dress codes and secret messages, of sweet memories and painful loss. And can we hear the subjects too? Do they speak to us, can they even play us music?


Publication is permitted exclusively in the context of announcements and reviews related to the exhibition. Please avoid any cropping of the images. Thank you for crediting the photographs according to the enclosed indications.

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