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… peace has broken out …

Programme to mark International Day of Peace 2019


Curated by: Andreas Metelko and Anita Niegelhell

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About the event

We all know the expression ‘war has broken out’, and what it means when things reach that point. Less well known and less common, by contrast, is the opposite notion: ‘peace has broken out’. What is behind this? Carelessness, frivolity or indifference? Or is it to do with our being essentially more interested in conflictual events and disputes? How peaceful are we humans? In the opinion of the American political scientist Judith Shklar: ‘If there is no authority to protect people from their own kind, then their destructive instinct cannot be kept in check.’ It is the task of culture and society not only to keep this instinct in check, but to transform it. So, what are the conditions of constructive transformation and how are they embedded in our culture? Based on our educational work and an always highly ambivalent fascination with the historical weapons in the Styrian Armoury, we shall be leading daily discussions on the themes of war and conflict. Thus, centred around the UN’s International Day of Peace, peace is shifted to the core of our activities – through discussions, workshops, and with music. In this way, we contribute to the ‘outbreak of peace’ – one outbreak after another, for many such are needed.


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