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Speedy bees, wonderful pikes


In cooperation with the Office for Environment Principality of Liechtenstein and the Lichtenstein Provincial Museum.


Curated by: Ursula Stockinger

Press tour: 04.05.2017, 10.30 am

Opening: 04.05.2017, 7 pm

Duration: 05.05.2017-08.07.2018


Info exhibition: +43-316/8017-9100

Info press: +43-316/8017-9211 or DDI -9213


About the exhibition

Sex plays an important role not just for humans; it also acts as the engine of evolution for animals, plants and fungi. Sexual reproduction led to a massive variation in forms – new genetic mixes resulted in new characteristics that were advantageous to enable survival in a changing environment. Smells and colours, light signals and song attract sexual partners; bridal presents are presented, rivals beaten, courtship dances performed, chase is given, and much more besides. The sexual act often leads to a war of sperm, which ultimately results in protected – or indeed deserted – offspring, in the continuation of life.


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