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An Interactive Science Exhibition by ScienceCenter-Network


An exhibition by ScienceCenter-Network

Within Colours of Cooperation | Ecsite Annual Conference, 7.–11. Juni 2016

Curated by: Sarah Funk, ScienceCenter-Network

Exhibition design: Hansjörg Mikesch, szenenbild.at

Coordination: Michael C. Niki Knopp


Press conference: March 01, 2016, 11 am
Opening: March 01, 2016, 7 pm

Duration: 02.03.– 10.07.2016

Info exhibition: +43-316/8017-9100
Info press: +43-316/8017-9213 and DDI -9211

More about the Exhibition

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Exciting hands-on stations from various scientific disciplines allow us to experience contexts that arise due to mutual influences. They invite us to think and discuss in a critical and networked way. In the natural and social sciences, the analysis of mutual relations determines key fields of research, ranging from the fundamental mutual effects in physics, the effect of mirror neurons in psychology to the mutual effects of medication in the field of medicine, or the phenomenon of feedback in technology and art. Interactive exponents invite us to delve into the theme of mutual effects in a playful way.


Developed by partners of the ScienceCenter-Network, the stations stand out for their connection to daily life. They are active, playful and can be both touched and understood, literally we can ‘get’ (‘be-greifen’) them. The stations range from the mutual effects between medication and the body, a balancing act, interferences in reproducing images and sound, right up to parasites that surround us.



Interdependencies is aimed at children and youths of school age and their teachers, at interested adults right up to senior citizens, as well as at visitors to cultural institutions. The exhibition is suitable for all age groups; we recommend that children visit from the third grade onwards. While the visitor explores, a team stands ready to offer explanations, expert communicators who serve as role models. They help to break down inhibitions, arousing the visitor’s curiosity, stimulating further thought by means of their open questions.


With this innovative educational offering we would like to awaken a curiosity in the sciences in people of all ages, fostering enthusiasm for scientific contents and methods. Thanks to the cooperation with the Industrial Association of Styria, it was also possible to establish links with innovative companies that make actual use of the mutual effects shown in the exhibition.



Publication is permitted exclusively in the context of announcements and reviews related to the exhibition. Please avoid any cropping of the images. Thank you for crediting the photographs according to the enclosed indications.


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