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Cooperation partner for the concept creation: FH Joanneum/Informationsdesign


Institut for Art in Public Space Styria


Presentation: March 2022


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About the project


In cooperation with the Information Design Course at the Fachhochschule Joanneum, development began as early as 2019 on an app for smartphones that renders art in public space visible in the digital realm. Especially since the lockdowns due to the Corona pandemic, we have become increasingly aware of how essential digital media of all kinds are. In the cultural domain, too, in a period in which museums, theatres and similar places were closed, much had to be shifted to digital platforms. The ‘Art in Public Space Styria’ app is designed to function as an interactive navigation app for the whole of Styria, in which information about and locations of artworks in public space, and their artists, are made accessible. These contributions are played into the app by the Institute of Art in Public Space Styria itself, but also by users of the app, so as to make the contents grow continually. Furthermore, it will be possible for users to subscribe to notifications and create their own tours or complete suggested ones. After intensive engagement with the demands for a digital experience of artworks in public space, the technical realisation of this app has begun, meaning it can be presented in 2022.



Publication is permitted exclusively in the context of announcements and reviews related to the project. Please avoid any cropping of the images. Thank you for crediting the photographs according to the enclosed indications.

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KiöR App (in Produktion),
KiöR App (in Produktion),

Foto: UMJ/Lisa Schantl

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