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Gold, Gold, Only You ...


Natural History Museum, Joanneumsviertel, 8010 Graz


Curated by Bernd Moser unter Mitarbeit von Hans-Peter Bojar und Barbara Leikauf
Opening: 30.09.2021
Duration: 01.10.2021–17.07.2022
In cooperation with Heimo Urban und Dietmar Jakely


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About the exhibition

In several regions of Styria remarkable alluvial gold findings have been made in recent years. The exhibition presents a representative cross-section of these finds from our province, presenting comparable finds from Austria and important international locations – from Transylvania to America. Other subjects covered are the differences between reef gold and alluvial gold, the formation of gold deposits and the differing methods of extraction. A further focal point considers different, in part unusual ranges of application of what is probably the most famous of all precious metals. Moreover, the term ‘gold’ is treated in the metaphorical sense – from the fairy-tale character of Goldmarie to the Golden Handshake … In addition, the aim is to stimulate the search for gold in other Joanneum collections.


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Collection Mineralogy,
Collection Mineralogy,

UMJ, photo: Hans-Peter Bojar, UMJ/Mineralogy

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