Shining a Light: Light - Culture - History


Public Meeting in cooperation with Light and Glass

Venue: Schloss Eggenberg, Event centre "Laternen-G'wölb"

Free admission to the lectures

The relationship between man and light is both changeable and fascinating. For millennium, sunlight determined the daily rhythm of human life, until electricity altered our behaviour and our perception of light. Today, we take the abundance of artificial light that surrounds us for granted and have forgotten how the weak glow of an open candle flame was for many centuries the only possibility to ward off the dark. We have also forgotten how extraordinary and moving the experience was to find oneself in a brightly lit room when night reigns out of doors.


This extraordinary chapter of the cultural history of light has remained tangible in the State Rooms of of Schloss Eggenberg in Graz. More than 600 candle flames on the original old chandeliers and lamps are still the only artificial source of light to this day. They reflect the importance of light as a medium of space perception and space presentation. During the daytime it is also fascinating how the original interiors react with the unfiltered natural daylight.


Light was an important means of court representation; the ability to harness the power of the sun and reproduce it was a clear demonstration of wealth, abundance and power – and not only at the radiant court of the sun king. Without the drama created by artificial light, a sacral space or a grand palace make as little impact as an unlighted theatre stage. Public space are today still knowingly staged with the appropriate lighting, in private spaces however, lighting has become mostly a disregarded afterthought. The knowledge of its importance in the pre-industrial age is becoming lost in our “overly-lit” modern world.


For this reason, Light and Glass, together with the Universalmuseum Joanneum, is extending an invitation to join them in a public meeting in Schloss Eggenberg on the event of its annual meeting. For three days, international experts and specialists from "Light & Glass" bring many facets of the cultural history of light and lighting to the foreground.    


Staging of Light: perception of space, light as a medium of representation.

(+ guided tour and discussion by candle light in the resplendent rooms of Schloss Eggenberg exclusively for Light & Glass members)


Radiating Light: The chandelier and lamp as works of art, instruments of lighting and illumination.


Understanding Light: Technical phenomena, restoration, sources of light.


Program and talks

OPENING: 27th April, 14:30
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Contact & information

Mag. Paul Schuster

+43 664 8017-9538


Light & Glass 


Meeting venue:

Schloss Eggenberg, Veranstaltungsraum "Laternen-G'wölb"
Eggenberger Allee 90

8020 Graz


Language of the meeting is English, any presentations made in German should include a summary in English.



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