Facts from Fiction – Fiction from Facts


Opening: 05.10.2021, 7 p.m.
Curated by: Günther Holler-Schuster

About the exhibition

This exhibition is a project in character, has been conceived as processual and can never be seen as complete in the sense of a presentation of masterpieces. In this case the aesthetic object is secondary, while the functional context is key – an exhibition as a laboratory, as a studio, the works as models where cognitive knowledge and aesthetic experience blend.


The essential subject is time – the recording and visualisation of it and one’s highly varied and subjective perception of the same. Real locations – a castle in eastern Styria or an island near Australia – are starting points for speculation, mystification, historicity. In this way, what is certain encounters what is assumed. Zwischenland is the title Walde has given his latest project, which he realises with the illustrator Lenz Mosbacher. The chequered history of the place, as well as the zones of early history in this area which have remained unlit, result in a dense narrative that sheds light on the myths of settled existence and migration. This project will flow into extensive graphic fiction towards the end of the exhibition. The precondition for experiencing this show as an experience and as an intriguing broadening of one’s horizon is an active public, one that researches, reads and poses questions, and can be integrated at certain points by actual participation.



Timeline: Different Times

The Timeline installation consists of a printer attached to the ceiling, which at intervals of six minutes ejects sheets of paper with dates on them. These sheets with dates cover the period from March 10, 2018 to November 19, 2071. Martin Walde called the script for this Timeline 2071. It ended with the real date of May 29, 2022.


For the remaining period of the exhibition – from May 31 to June 6, 2022 – the Timeline installation will be continued by the artist Simon Hanzer.


Different Times, as the new timeline is called, begins to cover the old sheets with dates. The Different Times date sheets commence with January 1, 2022, reach the real date on the third day with each “day” lasting six minutes, and end on January 30, 2023.


Simon Hanzer

Different Times

January 1, 2022 – January 30, 2023

Poems by Yurina Yokoi


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