Freedom will be an episode …

Exhibition Austrian Cultural Forum in New York, USA


Opening: 05.03.2020
Curated by: Roman Grabner
Venue: Austrian Cultural Forum in New York, USA

im Austrian Cultural Forum New York gezeigt werden Werke von Günter Brus, Evamaria Schaller, studio ASYNCHROME, Josef Wurm und zweintopf.

About the exhibiton

The title of the exhibition in the Austrian Cultural Forum New York does not aim to paint the end of freedom on the wall, nor proclaim a dawning era of political bondage, but rather to envisage a creeping yet steady social upheaval that has taken place in recent years. In the 1960s, when Günter Brus had challenged Austrian society and its notions of art and morality with his actions, freedom was considered a valuable commodity that had to be fought for and defended against any kind of restriction.

It was artists such as Brus, who through their works not only constantly expanded the boundaries of art, but through their continual clashing with the state organs of power opened up new potential zones of (artistic) freedom, too.

Starting with the international pioneering role played by Günter Brus, four young artistic positions will engage with the current state of freedom in art and society and develop new works for the ACFNY. In New York works will be shown by Günter Brus, Evamaria Schaller, studio ASYNCHROME, Josef Wurm and zweintopf.



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