Katharina Heinrich

Sculpture Project for Studio and Stiegenhaus of Neuen Galerie


Opening: Saturday, 25 Septembre 1999, 3pm
Curated by: Christa Steinle

Exhibition Venue: Neue Galerie Graz, Studio and Stiegenhaus

In her project for the Neue Galerie Graz, Katharina Heinrich plans to display sculptures referring to each other within an overall concept, sculptures that will incorporate the ground-floor Studio gallery and the staircase of the Neue Galerie. Katharina Heinrich's braided objects resemble fabrics or carpets and yet they are made of plastic, lead and foam rubber. Her sculptural work is about condensing lines (wire, bands, ropes) into surfaces or bodies, the interplay of condensation and transparency. The plaited structures and nets are seen as a visualisation of any other system (social system, computer network, copy loop, human memory).


Katharina Heinrich, born 1964 in Linz, lives in Vienna

Ambientale fluide Skulptur (ATS 100,––)

Neue Galerie Graz

8010 Graz, Österreich
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