The Body and Its Medial Construction

10.10.1999-27.02.2000 10:00-18:00

Opening: Saturday, 9 October 1999, 7pm

Kunsthaus Muerz

Curated by: Peter Weibel

Koordination: Christa Steinle

Photography made close-ups possible - parts of the body were isolated and made absolute. Painters responded to this and applied the technique, particularly in surrealism.
In photomontage fragments or organs of the body were discovered as elements of various combinations. Just as the anagram in poetry creates ever new words from the same number of letters, in this new body photography the parts of the body have been interpreted as elements for the creation of ever different new bodies. With his dolls, Hans Bellmer invented the anagrammatical body. Today, the anagrammatical body is dominating in the works of artists such as Mike Kelley, Gary Hill, Tony Oursler or Cindy Sherman. 
Painters also responded to this isolation of body parts in photography by painting extreme close-ups or transformations of bodies up to morphing with objects (Maria Lassnig).


The photomontages of the Twenties (from John Heartfield to Claude Cahun) or the collage techniques of the Wiener Gruppe, Pop Art or John Baldessari could be described as the medium per se of the anagrammatical body.
The real form of the body has responded to the picture of the body, as it has been designed by the media.
Digital photography, in which the body is merely visually manipulated, anticipates the actual manipulation of the body (e.g. Michael Jackson). We can see the future of the body - the virtual body - everywhere, from fashion photography to Inez van Lamsweerde. The body reacts in reality to the picture of the body. Body building, body styling, aerobics etc. are the technologies of the phantasms of a obsessive body culture. The body is manipulated by plastic surgery and genetic engineering in order to correspond to the ideal or the perversion we are given by the media: from Helmut Newton to Cher to Orlan. The anagrammatical body in photography precedes genetic engineering as we can see in the photographic works by Aziz + Cucher or the body sculptures of Dinos & Jake Chapman. A selection of works by about 40 artists shows - sometimes in a shocking way - a new hybrid picture of the body in the era of paranoia.



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[Translate to English:] Aziz + Cucher (USA + Venezuela/USA) 
Anthony Aziz *1961 in Lunenburg/Mass., lebt in New York; Sammy Cucher *1958 in Caracas, lebt in New York 
Jordan Baseman (USA/GB) 
*1960 in Philadelphia, lebt in London 
John Baldessari (USA) 
*1931 in National City/Calif., lebt in Santa Monica/Calif. 
Hans Bellmer (D) 
*1902 in Kattowitz/Schlesien, + 1975 in Paris 
Anna + Bernhard Blume (D) 
Anna Blume *1937 in Bork, lebt in Köln; Bernhard Blume *1937 in Dortmund, lebt in Köln 
Jennifer Bolande (USA) 
*1957 in Cleveland/Ohio, lebt in New York 
Monica Bonvicini (USA) 
*1965 in Venezia, lebt in Berlin und Los Angeles/Calif. 
Candice Breitz (ZA/USA) 
*1972 in Johannesburg, lebt in New York 
Veronika Bromova (CS) 
*1966 in Prag, lebt in Prag 
Günter Brus (A) 
*1938 in Ardning, lebt in Graz 
Nancy Burson (USA) 
*1948 in St. Louis/Missouri, lebt in New York 
Claude Cahun (F) 
*1884 in Nantes, +1954 in Jersey/GB 
Helen Chadwick (GB) 
*1953 in Croydon, +1996 London 
Dinos & Jake Chapman (GB) 
Dinos Chapman *1962, lebt in London; Jake Chapman *1966, lebt in London 
Keith Cottingham (USA) 
*1965 in Los Angeles, lebt in Los Angeles 
Georgia Creimer (Brasil/A) 
*1964 in Sao Paolo, lebt in Wien 
Jiri David (CS) 
*1956, lebt in Prag 
Douglas Davis (USA) 
*1933 in Washington, D.C., lebt in New York 
Sinje Dillenkofer (D) 
*1959 in Neustadt/Weinstraße, lebt in Stuttgart 
Valie Export (A) 
*1940 in Linz, lebt in Wien 
Angus Fairhurst (GB) 
*1966 in Kent, lebt in London 
Dennis Del Favero (AUS) 
*1953, lebt in Sydney 
Thomas Florschütz (D) 
*1957 in Zwickau, lebt in Berlin 
Maria Hahnenkamp (A) 
*1959 in Eisenstadt, lebt in Wien 
Ilse Haider (A) 
*1965 in Salzburg, lebt in Wien 
Dieter Huber (A) 
*1962 in Schladming, lebt in Salzburg 
Birgit Jürgenssen (A) 
*1949 in Wien, lebt in Wien 
Massimo Kaufmann (I) 
*1963 in Milano, lebt in Milano 
Jürgen Klauke (D) 
*1943 in Kliding/Cochem a.d. Mosel, lebt in Köln 
Inez van Lamsweerde (NL) 
*1963 in Amsterdam 
Maria Lassnig (A) 
*1919 in Kappel am Krappfeld, lebt in Wien 
Lee Bul (Südkorea) 
*1964 in Yongwol, lebt in Seoul 
Natacha Lesueur (F) 
*1971 in Cannes, lebt in Nizza 
Sarah Lucas (GB) 
*1962 in London, lebt in London 
Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann (CH) 
*1891 in Lausanne, lebt in Genf 
Petra Maitz (A) 
*1963 in Wien, lebt in Wien und Hamburg 
Wendy McMurdo (GB) 
*1962 in Edinburgh, lebt in Edinburgh 
Lia Menna Barreto (BR) 
*1959 in Rio de Janeiro, lebt in New York 
Pierre Molinier (F) BILD 
*1900 in Augen, +1976 in Bordeaux 
Paloma Navares (E) 
*1947 in Burgos, lebt in Madrid 
Friederike J. Nestler-Rebeau (A) 
*1938 in Beuthen/Oberschlesien, lebt in Graz 
Yves Netzhammer (CH) 
*1970, lebt in Zürich 
Orlan (F) 
*1947 in St. Etienne, lebt in Paris 
Tony Oursler (USA) 
*1957 in New York, lebt in New York 
Rona Pondick (USA) 
*1952 in Brooklyn, lebt in New York 
Rosangela Renno (BR) 
*1962 in Belo Horizonte, lebt in Rio de Janeiro 
Gerhard Rühm (A) 
*1930 in Wien, lebt in Wien und Köln 
Carolee Schneemann (USA) 
*1939 in New York, lebt in New York 
Anne Schneider (A) 
*1965 in Linz, lebt in Wien 
Hannes Schwarz (A) 
*1926 in Anger, lebt in Weiz 
Cindy Sherman (USA) 
*1954 in Glen Ridge/New Jersey, lebt in New York 
Laurie Simmons (USA) 
*1949 in Long Island, NY, lebt in New York 
Janice Sloane (USA) BILD 
*1963 in New York, lebt in New York 
Karel Teige (CS) 
*1900 in Prag, +1951 in Prag 
Herwig Turk (A) 
*1964 in St. Veit/Glan, lebt in Wien 
Alba D’Urbano (I/D) 
*1955 in Tivoli/Rom, lebt in Leipzig 
Peter Weibel (A) 
*1944 in Odessa, lebt in Wien und Karlsruhe 
Susanne Widl (A) 
*1946 in Wien, lebt in Wien 
Manfred Willmann (A) 
*1952 in Graz, lebt in Graz 
Hermione Wiltshire (GB) 
*1963 in London, lebt in London

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