Im Buchstabenfeld

07.10.-25.11.2001 10:00-18:00

Opening: Sa, 6.10.2001, 14 Uhr, es sprechen Peter Weibel und Walter Grond
Curated by: Peter Weibel

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue.

Up until now, our image of literature has been closely tied up with the book, the page, as the medium itself. In the electronic age literature gives us the option of presenting numeric-alphabetic character stings in other media, such as the computer screen, without paper or any link with the book.


Experimental literature from Oulipo through to the Wiener Gruppe (Vienna Group) has already reached the limits of the historic media of literature. Contemporary computer-based literature, rock poetry, poetry rap, digital text installations, and many other forms continue these trends in the new electronic media. Changes in the media have created new conditions for production and reception, the closed sign chains become unchained. The author becomes a kind of algorithm. Programmes with interactive participation make the reader the author, the navigator in the field of letters.


A selection, mainly from the collection of the Media Museum of ZKM in Karlsruhe, provides a first overview of this new form of literary production. Giselle Beiguelman (BR), Ecke Bonk (D), Bastian Böttcher (D), Shane Cooper (AUS), Franz Josef Czernin (A), Peter Dittmer (D), Ken Feingold (USA), Franz Fietzek (D), Alvar Freude/ Dragan Espenschied (D), Masaki Fujihata (JPN), David Gabriel (D), David Larcher (GB), Michael Lentz (D), Adolf Mathias (RO), Axel Roch (D), Constanze Ruhm (A), Klaus Scherübel (A), Ferdinand Schmatz (A), Bill Seaman (USA), Jeffrey Shaw (USA), Peter Weibel (A), a.o.


Michael Lentz: Tue, 9th October 2001, 7pm, Neue Galerie Graz
Franz Josef Czernin / Ferdinand Schmatz: Thu, 18th October 2001, 7pm, Neue Galerie Graz
Bastian Boettcher: Thu, 25th October 2001, 19 Uhr, Neue Galerie Graz



Giselle Beiguelman, Bastian Böttcher, Ecke Bonk, Shane Cooper, Franz Josef Czernin, Dragan Espenschied, Ken Feingold, Frank Fietzek, Alvar Freude, Masaki Fujihata, David Gabriel, David Larcher, Michael Lentz, Adolf Mathias, Axel Roch, Constanze Ruhm, Charles Sandison, Klaus Scherübel, Ferdinand Schmatz, Bill Seaman, Jeffrey Shaw, Peter Weibel, Peter Zimmermann


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