From problem child to aged genious

Bazon Brock's pleasure march through theoretical territory

23.05.-02.07.2006 10:00-18:00

An art exhibition differs from the theoretical territory of aesthetics in the same way as a chemical laboratory differs from a trade fair stand for plastic household articles. Brock works with the arts instead of nailing them to the wall. Brock's artistic thinking opens up vast perspectives. Theorems such as "Gott und Müll" (God and Garbage) or "Der verbotene Ernstfall" (Forbidden Seriousness) demonstrate how commitment/obligation is created through arbitrarily transforming scepticism into eternity. Art teaches us to venerate what we fear; museums are the temples for atheists avowed to art. Brock gives instructions for Fininvests,, he means investment in the end of all things; he constructs total salvation and revokes the 20th century. These are very special kinds of action teachings the object of which is to provide a permanent collection of cult burial objects for those of the 1968 generation with a disposition to resurrection.


Total salvation - Gorgonise yourself!
The way ahead is towards the storm of the future that we call age - we are thus heading constantly into the keenest of winds, this is the pointer along the way. Our options: burial, armour, walking backwards with increased body mass (corpulence is a sign of fear of life, you expand as a kind of obstacle).


These are fine images of total salvation such as emergency doss down accommodation, technical social relief, searcher dog troops and blossom petal white Red Cross nurses. But the most powerful of all forces of resistance is the compliance of the yes-man - saying yes to precisely the most difficult of all challenges (to quote Friedrich). The regime receives obvious resistance with the tolerance of the pathetic - but total agreement is overwhelming in its force. "Work to rule" is the most successful form of resistance. Gorgon the horror arouser can only be beaten by harnessing her own destructive force. This is what is known as negative affirmation of the revolution of yes. In the language of history: the discreet charm of the Austrian is no less than pure resistance.


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