Anna Vasof

The Weight of Tears and Other Looping Stories


Opening: 16.07.2022, 7 pm
Curated by: Roman Grabner
Price: Free admission!
Venue: studio

The Weight of Tears and Other Looping Stories at the Neue Galerie Graz studio presents an extensive selection of the cinematic works of architect and media artist Anna Vasof. Her Non-Stop Stop-Motion technique transforms everyday movements and objects into cinematographic devices and develops film miniatures with a great allure from the loop of a few images. Using self-made equipment she traces the illusion of action sequences, candidly revealing their mechanisms and questioning our habits of perception. With her mischievous strategy of alphabetical compliance and the reversal of many coordinates, Vasof shows us a familiar reality from a different perspective, exposing the absurdities and ambiguities of everyday life in a playful and humorous way.


The artist is represented by ALBA Gallery.

Neue Galerie Graz

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