A Playground Guide to Getting Lost

Prize of the Province of Styria for the Promotion of Contemporary Visual Art 2021


Curated by: Lina Albrikiene (Lithuanian National Museum of Art/Radvila Palace Museum of Art, Vilnius, LT)

Coordinated by: Günther Holler-Schuster


For the Promotion Prize of the Province of Styria for Contemporary Fine Arts 2021 competition, 12 artists have been selected for the group exhibition in which they present diverse media art works including (sound-)installations, video, sculptures, posters, paintings, objects and ceramic works.


The title of the exhibition, A Playground Guide to Getting Lost, suggests three possible clues to explain the show. The playground signifies childhood and its memories, as well as the experience coming from that past that leads us to emotions, feelings, primary knowledge; guide alludes to possible paths, destinations, as well as the uncertainty and assistance needed, inevitable elements of life, especially nowadays; getting lost, a term which is not yet explicit, and which depends on how the two previously suggested concepts are interpreted in each person’s mind. It may be that a constructive guide will hint at certain reminiscences and will evoke such diverse emotions as fun or sadness, humour or seriousness. Other visitors might well get lost in the field of their insight—or find the key to as yet unanswered misery. Ultimately, a sense of absurdity will likely be awakened.


Artists: Alfredo Barsuglia, Kamilla Bischof, Beate Gatschelhofer, Georg Haberler, Daniel Hafner, Veronika Hauer, Ernst Koslitsch, Alfred Lenz, Ute Müller, Armin A. Pichler, René Stiegler, zweintopf



  • Promotion Prize of the Province of Styria for Contemporary Fine Arts: Georg Haberler
  • Art purchases by the Province of Styria: Ute Müller, Ernst Koslitsch
  • Two work scholarships of the Province of Styria: Alfredo Barsuglia, Zweintopf
  • ‘con-tempus’ Prize (work scholarship): Veronika Hauer
  • Viktor Fogarassy Prize (work scholarship): Alfred Lenz
  • Edition Artelier Prize (Acquisition Award): Beate Gatschelhofer


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