Rudi Gernreich

"Fashion will go out of fashion"

08.10.-26.11.2000 Neue Galerie Graz

The exhibition, the first comprehensive retrospective of the life and work of Rudi Gernreich, portraying the fascinating career of this revolutionary designer, shows how fashion both reflects and anticipates social trends and developments. more ...



The School of Barbizon and its effect on Austrian landscape painting

09.06.-29.10.2000 Neue Galerie Graz

In this exhibition, complementary to the painters of Barbizon, we show a wide range of approximately 200 selected Austrian landscape pictures from the collection of the Neue Galerie, including Schindler, Jettel, Hörmann, Egner, Zoff and Damianos. The show also provides an opportunity to illustrate the effect of the French pleinairism on the domestic art scene of the 19th and 20th centuries with concrete examples. more ...


Olafur Eliasson

"Surroundings Surrounded"

01.04.-21.05.2000 Neue Galerie Graz

The Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson, born in 1967, has dedicated his installations to human perception and physical laws and to the conditions of nature. more ...


Max Peintner: Take off

Perception in the technological era

04.03.-28.03.2000 Neue Galerie Graz

The Neue Galerie dedicates an exhibition in the Graz Künstlerhaus to an extensive retrospective of the work of this important Austrian artist. more ...


Jordan Crandall


29.01.-12.03.2000 Neue Galerie Graz

Drive is a seven-part video installation that combines traditional cinema with military tracking, identifying and targeting technologies. more ...

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