Nie Ohne Seife Waschen 2016

Invitation to 4 trips

N-O-S-W #4


In 2016, the Institute for Art in Public Space Styria invites you to the fourth instalment of the Sunday discovery excursions for small groups. The motto “NIE-OHNE-SEIFEN-WASCHEN” stays the same, i. e. there will be four trips starting out from Graz in the four directions of the compass, with a new programme and destinations. In the summer break there will be for the first time a "home game", a tour in Graz.




10 am departure from Franz-Graf-Allee (Opera)

Return approx. 7 pm

ATTENTION: The NORTH Trip starts already at 8.30 am!


Please Register for the ountings at Institut für Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Steiermark: Johannes Leitich, T +43.316.8017-9265 or no later than Wednesday preceding the trips.

Admission Fee €8, -



N-O-S-W #4 Dates



N - Nie / North Trip


Sunday, 05.06.2016

Altaussee, Bad Aussee, Toplitzsee



Clegg & Guttmann, Eva Grubinger, Juma Hauser, Florian Hüttner, Angelika Loderer, Susan Philipsz, Bojan Šarčević


This first tour takes us to two very different mountain lanscapes, which hold a prominent place in Styria, both culturally and politically: Erzberg and Salzkammergut. Eisenerz once benefitted from "the loaf of Bread" of Styria. Now, it is prime example of a "shrinking city" - Eisenerz*ART addresses the challenges caused by such a development. Eva Grubinger`s KIÖR-Projekt 2015-2016 in Salzkammerhut had coined the metaphor of the "political landscape".



O - Ohne / EAST Trip


Sunday, 26.06.2016  

Feldbach, Fürstenfeld, Gleisdorf



Rudolf Brunner, Christian Eisenberger, Günther Pedrotti, Gustav Troger, Zweintopf et al.    


We are invited to attend the opening of the 5th Water Biennale YAHOOS GARDEN in Fürstenfeld. Curator ist Günther Pedrotti has chosen the topic of "art and rain" for this year´s event. We see Christian Eisenberger´s work "Tropfbrunnen" (drip fountain) in the "hanging gardens" of Fürstenfeld. In this installation, rain water is collected to mark the two boundaries of human existence. Too much or too little - the possibility of drowning or dying of thrist.



HOME GAME in Graz on Wednesday, 20.07.2016


NOSW – UNCURATED – streetart in Graz

Citywalk with Joachim Hainzl and Alexandra Riewe

Start: Hauptbrücke City Beach, 3 pm



S - Seife / South Trip


Sunday, 18.09.2016

Mitterling / Bad Radkersburg, Ratsch on Weinstrasse, Spielfeld



Joachim Baur, Josef Klammer, Renate Kordon, Albert Pall, Tobias Rehberger, Michael Schuster et al.


"Spielfeld" became place name in 2015, transformed as it was into a synonym for the dilemma of Austria and Europe during the refugee crisis. A few years ago, the large mobile by Renate Kordon that spanned the border was in danger of being taken down, as all border structures were to be removed. Now cynical, euphemistic political language talks of adding "side structures". Demarcation, its history, and possibilities to overcome or pass through borders are highly current topics, still and yet again.



W - Waschen / WEST Trip


Sunday, 16.10.2016

Deutschlandsberg, Hitzendorf, Wies



Viktor Kröll, Erwin Posarnig, Irmgard Schaumberger, Andrea Schlemmer, Wolfgang Temmel, Bernhard Wolf et al.  


The culture initiative Kürbis in Wies was developed exactly 40 years ago. the comprehensive, multisector programme gained an additional element in September 2012 - "Atelier im Schwimmbad"  (studio in the swimming bath). In addition to work in studios and workshop, there is a particular focus on art in public spaces. In a vis-à-vis Situation, we visit works by the artists Victor Kröll, Erwin Posarnig, Wolfgang Temmel and Bernhard Wolf in Graz and Wies. the artists are invited to participate in the excursion.


N-S-O-W - conceived, reconnoitred, packed and accompanied by Alexandra Riewe.


Art in Public Space

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